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ArtistsForCharity Winter Contest
ArtistsForCharity and deviantART invite you to the winter postcard and mug contest!
ArtistsForCharity is an account maintained by the senior members of deviantART. Our goal is to sell artwork as prints with all the proceeds going to a selected charity. Both the artist's and deviantART's profits are donated to the charity. The currently supported charity is Habitat for Humanity. A detailed FAQ of ArtistsForCharity can be
found here.
:star: CONTEST INFO :star:
The theme for the cards is winter and Christmas.
Christmas is a time for giving. This year, we want to give you the chance to send gorgeous postcards and mugs to your friends and family, meanwhile supporting charity with each card.
We invite you, the deviant, to the challenge of creating the postcards and mugs!
You can participate whether you are a photographer, digital or traditional arti
:iconlolly:lolly 345 1,069
Non-Existent - An ASCII/ANSI contest
I've held two ASCII art contests in the past and there have been plenty of interesting entries, but this time the contest will be bigger and also accept ANSI entries. Even if you have never made ASCII art before, I encourage you to participate. Take the contest as a challenge and don't think you don't stand a chance. The winners of my first ASCII contest hardly had any previous experience with ASCII art.
So what are these ASCII and ANSI things?
Basically, ASCII art is the kind of text art you could create in Notepad or in a typewriter. The characters are equally wide and spaced, as if they were placed in an invisible grid. ASCII can be colored, but it is usually in black and white.

Wikipedia's explanation
ASCII art on DeviantART
ANSI art is a very specific artform, heavily relying on its restricted medium, the ANSI
:icondiamondie:diamondie 118 385
Artist Relations Newsletter - Edition #21
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: Due to personal reasons, lady-atropos has been returned to her former senior status. We thank her for her contributions and wish her well in her future endeavors.  serpentinekiss will continue to monitor the Fetish Photography Gallery.
:bulletgreen: The issue we have had with new
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 92 191
Team Husar Wildlife Photography
Many of our users are familiar with the photography of Mike and Lisa Husar, who have been capturing unique wildlife images on film since 1993 when they formed Team Husar Wildlife Photography. The couple has had their award winning imagery featured in magazines, calendars, cards, and all manner of publications and they have been involved in education and conservation through their photography.
A quick visit to their website can inspire any artist, and that is where we here at deviantART have encountered a problem.
Amateur artists, beginners and photo manipulators often rely heavily on the work or professional photographers such as Mike and Lisa Husar- often directly using their photographs or reproducing their imagery in paint, pencil or other mediums. While such efforts might be a great way to sharpen your skills it unfortunately infringes on the rights of the photographer.
I’ve spoken with Mike Husar and in order to help him enforce his right to require licensing for the use of T
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 99 1,134
Be Afraid 2006
"Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night. I remember halloween, dead cats hanging from poles, little dead are out in droves. I remember halloween, brown leaved vertigo where skeletal life is known. I remember halloween this day anything goes..."
The Misfits Halloween
After last years spooktacular success, deviantART is absolutely horrified to bring you Be Afraid 2006 Photography Contest, a photography contest for all you creatures of the night. I 'm going to be doing things a bit differently though this year. Last year I wanted to be scared, well I still do, but this year your focus will be on Halloween in general. Be it the spooks that go bump in the night, the boogy man or the more festive/seasonal scenes that make up the holiday. What does Halloween mean to you? Capture it, submitt it and who know you could win some ghoultastic swag. Did I hear someone ask what kind of swag? Well, how's about a 1yr subscription to deviantART as well as a prints accou
:iconghouldaddy:Ghouldaddy 201 405
Connect Globally...Groove Locally
The Global Community
It most likely does not need to be said, but deviantART is a global art community. Inclusive of people from all geographic locations that this complex series of tubes known as the Internet can reach and filled with people from all walks of life from those locations. deviantART is populated by artistic styles that span the map from the traditional painter to the manga artist, poet, graphic designer and beyond.
So now that we have spread this far as an all inclusive virtual artist community, what is the next step?
Global Connectivity
With a geolocation software available for a small fee, it is not too difficult to locate the general region where someone is living based off of their IP address. Your IP address is transmitted by your computer every time you access anything on the Internet from your computer. It’s very similar to telephone area codes and country codes. When you know a phone number you could probably run a google search and figure out
:iconlolly:lolly 470 2,475
Oh dear, not again!
Recently several people on dA have reported seeing strange things and hearing weird sounds. Rumours are abound that deviantART is in the grip of another ghostly haunting!
The Ghoul has been sending stupid notes and taunting messages to people all over the dA sphere and I for one will not stand by and let it terrorise us like last year!
I’m asking you, the community, to come together and help us track down this restless spirit and get it out of dA once and for all! We beat it last year we can do it again!
Needless to say, who ever finds the spook will be handsomely rewarded.
The first step in catching the ghost is to form a plan of action, so meet up with your fellow phantom followers at the Ghosthunter Head Quarters and prepare for battle!
:iconzilla774:zilla774 198 711



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